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Introductory Dispatcher Training +Manual+Safety
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INTRO Dispatcher Training
If you are looking to start your business as an independent dispatcher you came to the right place!

Now you can learn from experienced dispatchers who are actively involved in the transportation industry. 

At the completion of this course, you will know all the basic aspects of a dispatch business. We’ll start by discussing what a dispatcher does and what a dispatcher’s typical day looks like. 

If you’re new to the transportation industry, you’ll learn important facts about logistics, types of cargo, and the equipment used to transport it. You’ll also learn where to look for freight as we discuss the different types of load boards. This course will also cover step-by-step how to book a load and illustrate this by reviewing actual transcripts of typical conversations during the booking process.
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What You Will Learn From This Manual:
 #1: How to work on Loadboards
We show you all the tips and techniques for obtaining profitable freight opportunities for the trucking companies you represent.
#2: Setup Packages & Paperwork
We teach you the complete paperwork transfer process between the Freight Broker or Direct Shipper. Keep your trucks loaded and Drivers happy!
#3: Safety and DOT rules
It is a Freight Dispatcher's job to negotiate the best freight rates possible for your company or driver. We will show you how to do it right REAL TIME work no BS!
  What People Are Saying:
"...The best Breakthrough of the Year"
After years of scraping by working for a large company, I am now an independent freight dispatcher, working out of my home and earning an excellent income. The freight dispatcher training I received at the American Logistics Academy taught me what I needed to change my life for the better.
Mark, 35 - NYC, NY
"... the Best Dispatch Training I've Seen"
Very happy with the online freight dispatcher course I took through the American Logistics Academy. Their helpful instructors and clear step-by-step instruction enabled me to understand the material very easily, and my instructor was always available to assist me with any questions.
Brandon, 35 - Tampa, FL
...Simply the greatest career change"
Thanks to the techniques I learned at the American Logistics Academy, I have been able to build a strong customer base, and am now reaping the benefits of owning my own profitable freight brokering company.
Our superb instructors taught us how to provide a truly valuable service to shippers.
Jane, 35 - Miami, FL
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